The rapid increase in tourism has led to the expenential development of the village and the region respectively. Ravda’s population is about 2,000 locals. There is also a large number of foreigners temporarily staying at the resort. The village is constantly expanding in all directions. The northeast resort is now practically connected with the Old town of Nessebar.Alot of small hotels and resorts have been built throughout the whole marine alley. The calm atmosphere and coziness complimented by the small and mesmerizing restaurants of this specific area makes it a fantanstic and unforgetable experience. Ravda is expanding very intensively in the southern direction as well, and it is a matter of time for the recreation area to reach the neighboring resort of Aheloy. The enormous natural potential and ongoing investments are attracting more and more people to settle down and work here. This is one of the reasons for the rapid construction of the new northern zone of Ravda, whose streets bear the names of Bulgarian rivers. In the center of the resort is located the Town Hall. The local primary school “St. Cyril and Methodius”, named after the two brothers who created the Slavic alphabet, is famous for its 120-year history. In 2010, The municipal administration has built a modern transport link on the Burgas-Sunny Beach road. As a consequence, numerous hypermarkets and retail chains such as LIDL, MASTERHAUS, HELIOS and many others have been built at the entrance of Ravda in the last 2-3 years. Their presence provides the local population, property owners and numerous tourists with excellent opportunities to get quality services at affordable prices. Along with maintaining good infrastructure and excellent communications that serve the population and guests of Ravda, the local government is taking many other initiatives. One of them was the opening in 2004 of a stadium. The facility is built in the most suitable place, and is close to the main road Varna-Burgas. It is used as a training base of many Bulgarian and foreign sports clubs. In the summer, the interest of tourists, guests and visitors is huge and their number is increasing every year. But despite its high attendance, Ravda manages to retain its charm as a quiet and romantic place to rest.


Ravda is an attractive tourist center for tourists from all over the world. Located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Ravda is a great place for sea recreational tourism and offers excellent holiday conditions for you, your family and your friends. If one needs to escape the busy daily rhythm and dynamics of the big city, Ravda is the perfect choice for relaxation. This is the corner where silence and romance are everywhere. This is the corner where silence and romance are everywhere. In the 1980s and 1990s, Ravda was known as a destination for children’s and student tourism. But over the past five years, thanks to local entrepreneurs and foreign investors, the renovated settlement has offered a complete holiday experience for people of all ages. The bed base exceeds the figure of 8000. It mainly stimulates family business in its various forms and dimensions. The accommodation is done mainly in luxury apartment complexes, family hotels, as well as in a huge variety of private lodgings and boarding houses. The buildings are built in a contemporary architectural style. The furnishing and equipment of the sites meets the requirements of the tourist base, and the service is also at a good level. In recent years, several luxury high-class resorts have emerged, some of which are representative of prestigious global hotel chains. An example of this is the hotels in the SOL NESSEBAR BAY / MARE chain, as well as the pearl in the crown of the EMERALD RESORT resort-complex, which offers 5-star luxury to its guests. These complexes operate all year round and offer excellent opportunities for sports and SPA services and for external visitors and guests of Ravda resort. In Ravda, everyone can discover their favorite activities and activities. Small restaurants, taverns, tavernas, bistros, cafes and cocktail bars abound. In the typical taverns are prepared dishes of traditional Bulgarian national cuisine, already known to many tourists. Fish and seafood specialties that are present on every menu are also not forgotten. An unforgettable experience for everyone is the time spent outdoors in some of the many bars, cafes or discos. During the 2006 tourist season, Ravda opened the largest water park in the area – “Aquapark Nessebar”, visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every summer. Opportunities for sports and activities in the area are mainly concentrated along the beach. There are lessons for different types of sea sports – surfing, water parachuting, diving, water skiing, jumps and more. Do not miss sea walks with yacht, water bike, boat and boat. Most often, tourists are impressed by the excursions, tours, cruises and visits to the original Bulgarian village. There, among the typical folklore atmosphere you can touch the Bulgarian traditions and customs, songs and dances. If you want to take a stroll in the surrounding area, just decide. Within minutes drive to the most modern resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera-Sunny Beach, which offers its guests 24 hours of unforgettable emotions and fun. And if you take half an hour for a walk, you will find yourself in ancient Nessebar, which has preserved the history of several civilizations and is no accident recognized as the treasure of Bulgaria.